CASS Andorra

CASS Andorra (Caixa Andorrana de la Seguretat Social) is an entity created in 1966 with the mission of ensuring the administrative, technical, financial management of the healthcare system in Andorra and social security structure under the control of the Government. CASS operation is governed by Law 17/2008 on social security and main missions are:

All those functions are provided for by the Social Security Law or by any other regulation. For the fulfillment of its mission, CASS has its own legal personality and full capacity to act, with full inherent rights and obligations. This institution is empowered to apply the technical and administrative rules of international treaties and conventions relating to social security and may create the commissions deemed necessary for the performance of functions.


CASS Scopes

CASS is made up of two distinct branches or strands of protection:

Structure of CASS System

CASS system is divided between a general regime, which is the one to which most people adhere, and a special regime designed for those who cannot be included in the general system.

General regime

Special regime

CASS Social Security Contributions

Andorran legislation establishes that all active persons must pay social security contributions of 22% of their gross salary. On this basis and depending on activity, contributions are paid in one way or another.

Contributions for Employees

Andorran law establishes that CASS must collect 22% of the gross monthly salary from employees. This amount is divided between the employee and the employer:

However, it is the company that is responsible for paying the amounts directly to CASS each month, which is why some companies decide to pay a higher percentage of the contributions to partially relieve their employees.

Contributions for Self-Employed

Self-employed workers in Andorra (including entrepreneurs with active residency who perform functions related to the administration of the company), being considered workers, are also subject to the social security system. The difference lies in the fact that they have their own system in which all contributions are paid by them.

To achieve the initial purpose of the contribution being 22% of the salary, the minimum contribution base for a self-employed person is established at €2041.35, corresponding to the average Andorran salary as established by law, and on this amount, this percentage is applied, resulting in a contribution of around €460, although this contribution base changes every year.

Of this total amount, 10% is allocated to the general branch and 12% to the self-employed worker’s retirement. However, self-employed workers who meet certain requirements specified by CASS may benefit from reductions and pay less monthly.