Passive Residency Andorra

Passive residency in Andorra is the best way to obtain legal residence without the necessity to work. Andorra’s passive residence visa program aims at professionals with sufficient income, either from rental properties, funds, bank interests, pensions, or any other means of income.

A passive residence permit is very advantageous for people who are not going to stay much of the year in Andorra, as only 90 days are required instead of the 183 for Andorra active residency. In this way, a person has the availability to travel for almost the whole year.


Andorra Passive Residence Focus

Andorra Passive Residency for Investors

How can you obtain residency by investment in Andorra? This is the easiest way to get an Andorra residence permit. Residency by foreign investment allows you to stay in the country without the need to work or to legally reside once you make your living abroad. Passive residency status is accessible through an investment in the country of €600.000. These are the specific requirements to fulfill if you are an investor:

Passive Residence for Renowned Scientists, Athletes, and Artists

If you are a leading person in the sports, arts, science, entertainment, culture, or writing industry, this residency is for you. Reside in Andorra legally for 2 years, plus renewals. The following documentation will be necessary:

This permit must be renewed after the first year and thereafter is renewed every three years.

Passive Residency for Professionals with International Business

This program is ideal for people residing elsewhere, who want to visit Andorra for just 3 months per year. Application procedure usually takes between 30 – 90 days. International business permits allow you to stay in Andorra for an initial 2 years, with the option to renew.

Requirements to meet:

This residence permit is valid for two years and can be renewed for a further two years, with a three-year extension. After seven years, the next renewal will be for ten consecutive years.

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Passive Residency in Andorra: FAQ

What is an Andorra Passive Residence?

A passive residency permit is granted to people who reside in Andorra and do not work. A passive visa is intended for individuals with sufficient income to remain without work, such as rental income, pensions, interest, etc.

What are the Requirements for a Passive Residence without Lucrative Activity?

A person must live in Andorra for at least 90 days. Have a property or lease. Private medical insurance and certificate issued by Andorra. Deposit of €50,000 plus €10,000 € for each person in charge. Income 300% higher than Andorra's minimum wage.

What Conditions Must be Meet to Reside in Andorra with Passive Permit?

Individuals who want to reside in Andorra must meet the same requirements as people who wish to reside actively, but with certain nuances: proof of income, 85% of the income must come from other countries, business plan (if it is for professional reasons), retirement, disability, or insurance certificate.

How Long Does it Take to Obtain Andorra Passive Residency?

Passive residency normally requires a process of about 4 weeks to obtain the Andorra residence card. The resident has a maximum of 6 months to prove the investment made in Andorra.

How Can I Get Permanent Residency in Andorra?

After living in the country for twenty years, either through active or passive residency, you'll be able to apply for a passport and finally, call Andorra home. Complete your studies at one of Andorra's schools and spend ten years residing there before renouncing your current nationality - they don't allow dual citizenship here!

How Much Tax Do You Pay in Andorra?

As a holder of a passive residency visa in Andorra, only 10% of your income will be taxed. Sales taxes go up to 4.5% of your purchase price (VAT) but inheritance tax or Andorran investment income tax will only cost you an extra 0%.