Immigrate to Andorra

Are you planning to relocate to Andorra? Andorra Partner provides premium immigration services, focused on solutions for individuals and businesses looking to immigrate to Andorra and establish tax residency. Our expert team of immigration lawyers, translators, real estate agents, and financial experts will help with Andorra’s immigration requirements.

We will take care of your immigration visa file with the utmost care and anonymity. Our experts are there to help you find a property according to your needs, translate your documents accurately, and answer your all questions. Based on the information provided, we provide several options for clients planning to relocate, which are divided into two categories: active residency and passive residency.


Andorra: immigration by investment

Passive residence allows you to run a business from outside Andorra without having to declare and pay local taxes; however, you must invest an amount of €400,000 or more in Andorran assets or purchase the property in Andorra.

In addition, the following requirements are necessary to obtain the visa and passive, Andorra residency by investment:

Andorra: immigration for entrepreneurs with international projection

The Andorran government offers an alternative to the passive residency option, which is for applicants who wish to form an Andorran company with international projection and conduct the majority of business outside Andorra (minimum 85%). This category does not allow you to work in Andorra except for specific activities related to your company. The requirements for the passive residence option are as follows:

Andorra: immigration for people who excel in sports, culture, or science

VIP category allows applicants to avoid any additional investment offered to accredited artists, athletes, and world-renowned personalities. Applicants must submit documents detailing international ranking and achievements, as well as proof of their income for the previous year.

Active residency with self-employment visa

The active residence and self-employment permit can be obtained when you have a participation of more than 20% of an Andorran company and additionally hold a position of administrator.

Requirements for the active residence permit:

Andorra: residence with work permit

Residence for admission at homes for elderly, medical and treatment centers

Residence for admission to private geriatric centers, medical or therapeutic care centers authorizes you to reside in the country if you are admitted to any of these facilities for at least 90 days per calendar year.


Andorra: family reunion

Citizen of Andorra or Andorran resident has the right to sponsor certain family members to come to Andorra, specifically:

Andorra: citizenship

Applicants residing in the Principality of Andorra for at least 20 years or individuals proving that their main residence has been in Andorra for 10 years in addition to having completed compulsory education in Andorra will be eligible to apply for Andorran nationality.

Advantages of immigration to Andorra