Andorra Residency

How to get an Andorra residency to work and live in the country? To move to this idyllic place, you must apply for a residency permit. How to get an Andorra residence permit? What are the Andorra residency requirements and rules? We explain below!


Andorra Residency Requirements

A very unique Andorra tax system makes many professionals decide to start a new life in the Principality. Before you start thinking about moving to Andorra, learn what are the requirements to obtain an Andorra residency.

In Andorra, there are two different types of residence permits: active residency and passive residency. Form a company and perform a professional activity with an active, self-employment permit. A passive residence visa is a type of non-lucrative residency, providing the right to live in Andorra without employment.

Andorra is a very attractive place for individuals wishing to combine minimum tax burdens with an excellent quality of life, landscapes, and climate. Andorra Partner offers you a team of experts to guide you through the process of establishing passive or active residence in Andorra.

Residency in Andorra: Rules and Types

How to get residency in Andorra? There are several types of residence permits. These are the current Andorra visa types:

How To Get Andorra Residency Visa?

There are different ways of obtaining a residency permit in Andorra. One is by working for an Andorran company, the other is to be self-employed and create your own company. Requirements are different for each option.

Residence in Andorra: Work as an Employee

To receive a residency permit in Andorra you can work in an Andorran company. Also, it is necessary to establish your main Andorra tax residency, which must be effective for at least 183 days per year. You must also comply with the below conditions:

Reside in Andorra: Create a Company

Another option that many people choose is to create their own company in Andorra. You will be able to obtain a residence permit in Andorra in a simple way. Requirements we must fulfill:

This permit to live in Andorra is valid for one year, which can be renewed three times for periods of two years. After these seven years, the residence permit is renewed every 10 years. These conditions are also applicable to permits obtained for employment.

Advantages of the Andorra Residency

The easiest way to obtain a residence permit in Andorra is to become self-employed. Active residency is chosen by many people who carry out professional activities internationally. Getting the Andorran residence permit in this way comes with many advantages.

Now that you know how to obtain your residence permit in Andorra, you just need to take that step forward. We are sure you will not regret it.

If you are a foreigner and you are thinking of moving to Andorra with an active residence, work permit, or passive residence, a highly qualified team of specialists in the field will guide you through the whole process. Andorra Partner offers tax consultancy and management services related to the transfer of fiscal residence to the Principality. Immigration to Andorra never was easier!

Andorra Residence Permit: FAQ

How Do I Become a Resident of Andorra?

To qualify for Andorra residency, you must have an economic contribution to the country or provide international professional services. The immigration system in Andorra works with two types of visas. Active residency permit allows you to open a company and work in Andorra as self-employed. Passive residency comes with the possibility to become a resident in the country while conducting economic activities outside Andorra.

Why Choose Andorra as a Place of Residence?

Andorra's geographical position and climate make it perfect for the practice of winter and summer outdoor sports. Healthcare, education, and system are one of a kind.

How Many Types of Residence Permits are in Andorra?

There are four categories of Residency: Residence permit for self-employed persons, Residence permit for employees, Passive residence without lucrative activity, Passive residence for angel investors, sportsmen, scientists, or related to the cultural field.

What are the Tax Advantages of Living in Andorra?

VAT of 4.5%, maximum of 10% on Corporate Income Tax, maximum of 10% in Personal Income Tax on income over €40,000.

Is Andorra Still a Tax Haven?

Despite low taxes, Andorra ceased to be known as a tax havenfew years ago. The Principality of Andorra has also recently been removed from the grey tax countries list made by European Union and OECD due to reformed laws.

Can EU Citizens Live in Andorra?

Despite not being a part of the European Union, Andorra has free movement agreements with France and Spain. Any citizen from an EU member state can enter Andorra without getting stamped. European Union nationals are allowed 90 days before needing a visa for staying longer than 3 months. After that period EU citizen has to apply for Andorra residency or leave the country.