Andorra Residency by Investment

Andorra offers a residency by investment program requiring at least €600,000. The investment can be in real estate or other legal sectors. The small European nation of Andorra has no direct citizenship by investment program. But, you can still become a resident there and eventually go on to acquire full citizenship after 20 years or more depending upon the type of residency obtained first. Wealthy investors choose the Andorra investment visa due to the favorable tax system, not because of citizenship.

Andorran residents appreciate visa-free travel into both France and Spain for prolonged stays among their fellow European Union citizens without any need for an expensive visa application process. There are no taxes levied against residents except those related specifically to property ownership where applicable. Citizens enjoy favorable tax rates, including a maximum of 10% corporate and personal income tax, excluded from capital gains tax.

How to Obtain the Residence Permit of Andorra Through Investment?

Andorra has no direct citizenship by investments program. Instead, interested applicants must apply for Andorra passive residency by investing at least €600,000 into the country’s economy over five years before applying to become citizens after an extended period.

To legally live and work in Andorra, one must invest a permanent and effective amount of at least €600,000. You can do this by:

You can also buy unnumbered securities with INAF’s (Andorran National Finance Institute) investment schemes if you want to give back some control over your investments while gaining higher interest rates than having money deposited into commercial banks. INAF’s schemes are handled more carefully, which means there are fewer risks involved when investing in this asset class that would otherwise be associated with stocks.

Residency by Investment in Andorra: Requirements

If you are interested in investing or registering a company in Andorra, there is a list of requirements and documents that must be submitted to the government:

We have access to a network of qualified lawyers and accountants in Andorra, who can give you the proper advice for your particular circumstances. Contact us for further information if you are looking to acquire residency in Andorra by investment.

Andorra Investment Visa: FAQ

Can I acquire Andorra citizenship by investment?

Andorra is not the best place to invest in citizenship, as there are no direct citizenship programs for those who would like an Andorra passport. It's possible that if you've lived in Andorra long enough - at least ten years of permanent residency by investment, it might be worth applying for full citizenship.

How to apply for Andorra Investment Visa?

Andorra passed a new passive residency program that allows individuals to live in the country with most of their economic activities outside. As residents, individuals have access to Andorran banks and other governmental institutions while living under very minimal taxation laws.

What are the benefits of residency in Andorra?

Andorra is a country that offers many benefits to residents, such as having parents included and being able to count your child up until the age of 25 if they are registered in school. But it's not all just family-friendly perks - low taxes make Andorra an attractive place for high earners. The small yet prosperous nation has seen its population grow steadily thanks mainly due to more families relocating there with children or elderly relatives who require care.