Andorra Citizenship

How to become a citizen of Andorra? There are several methods to acquire Andorra citizenship, according to nationality law. Going through the naturalization process or becoming a citizen by descent or birth is similar to most EU countries, but takes a longer time. Bear in mind that obtaining a simple residency permit in Andorra does not imply getting Andorran nationality. In other words, a passive residency program and self-employment visa permit do not grant the right to hold an Andorran passport. Read all about acquiring citizenship, known as Andorra permanent residency.


Getting Citizenship in Andorra

How to get Andorra citizenship? Acquisition of the Andorran nationality is an extensive and complex process that implies the express renunciation of the applicant’s current nationality within 5 years after receiving it and requires the fulfillment of certain conditions. In all cases, it is essential to be a legal and effective resident in Andorra when applying for Andorran citizenship.

Additionally, when an individual meets the requirements outlined in the Andorran Immigration Law, a person will be granted a provisional passport. An applicant has 5 years to pass an exam in the Catalan language, Andorran history, and geography and must present the documents of renunciation of his current nationality.

Dual Citizenship in Andorra

Andorran law does not allow to keep dual nationality. If you wish to acquire Andorran citizenship, there are no exceptions to this rule, you must renounce your country of origin’s nationality. Any attempt to gain double citizenship in another country can affect in revocation of Andorran citizenship.

When you become an Andorran citizen, you will not need to renew your residence permit. You will be able to vote and apply for administrative or political positions in the Principality.

Andorra citizenship by investment

There is no direct program to obtain citizenship by investment in Andorra. The only possible way to apply for a passport and citizenship requires at least 10 years of permanent residency in Andorra (proofed compulsory education in Andorran school) or residing in Andorra for 20 years with an active or passive visa permit.

Andorran Citizenship Acquired by Naturalization

The most common form of obtaining citizenship for passive non-native persons or active residents of Andorra is 20 years of residence. An individual can apply for citizenship and pass an exam in the Catalan language, history, and geography of Andorra.

At the time of writing, the Andorran Government of the Principality investigates whether to reduce or discard the length of residence time in a future draft law. For minors between 6 and 16 years old who will study in Andorra, citizenship can be obtained after 10 years of residence.

Citizenship by Marriage

A non-native Andorran with 3 years of residence who marries a native Andorran is entitled to citizenship.

Andorra Permanent Residency

Obtaining Andorran nationality is not a simple task comparing to EU countries. A permanent residency program doesn’t exist in Andorra, however, you can apply for citizenship after spending a total of 20 years in the country or 10 years after completing education in Andorra. There are two main ways to obtain citizenship in Andorra:

Andorran Nationality Premises

Individuals that meet any of the following scenarios may apply for Andorran nationality/passport under the following premises:

Derivative Nationality Acquisition Mechanisms

Minors are entitled to apply for an Andorran passport when:

Process of Obtaining Andorran Passport

How does the entire process of obtaining an Andorran passport and nationality look like?

Andorran Nationality Law: FAQ

How to Become a Citizen of Andorra?

There are two ways to become a citizen of Andorra. You can either fulfill the criteria for active or passive residency and live in the country for 20 years, or complete your studies at an elementary school that operates under Andorran law. If any of these requirements have been met then congratulations - it's time to apply!

Does Andorra Allow Dual Citizenship?

Andorra does not recognize dual nationality. To become a citizen of Andorra, you must renounce your previous nationality.

How Can I Get Andorra Citizenship?

To apply for Andorran citizenship, you must hold residency in Andorra for 20 years, by active or passive residency. Another way is to complete studies in Andorra's school system and reside in the country for 10 years.

What Documents are Required to Obtain Permanent Residency in Andorra?

To apply for Andorra permanent residency, you will be required to deliver: original and copy of passport, certificate of an absence of a criminal record, one passport size photograph, Proof of property purchase or rental, copy of marriage certificate, private health insurance, medical certificate, proof of income, an original or certified copy of the birth certificate.