Notaries Andorra

Certain events in life require the intervention of a notary: real estate investment, documents legalization, company formation, etc. Do you need a notary to draw up legal documents in Andorra? We present a full list of active notary offices in the Principality of Andorra.


Active Notaries in Andorra

Notaría Bartumeu
Address: Calle Prat de la Creu 36, 2do piso, AD500, Andorra la Vella
Phone: +376 801 000

Notaría Ferràndiz
Address: Baixada del Molí, 7 – 9 – 11, Planta 1A, despacho A5, AD500, Andorra la Vella
Phone: +376 802 660

Notaría Rodríguez Miñana
Address: Av. Carlemany, 105, 5-3, AD700, Escaldes-Engordany
Phone: +376 890 030

Notaria Estañol
Address: Av. del Consell d’Europa, 13, AD500, Andorra la Vella
Phone: +376.801.280

Andorran Notary Offices

The number of notaries in Andorra is established according to the number of inhabitants. There should be 1 notary per 20,000 inhabitants. Since Andorra’s population counts around 80,000 inhabitants, currently there are only 3 active notary offices.

Josep Estañol is no longer a notary. The government dismissed him based on a letter addressed to the Minister of Justice asking to be relieved of his duties as a notary, although the resignation has not occurred in the conditions that Estañol had proposed. Estañol requested that his leave due to illness, as provided for in article 11, section D, of the Notary Law.

Due to only 3 active notarial offices, during certain periods of the year (school vacations, public holidays) it may take longer than usual to obtain an appointment.

Responsibilities of notaries in Andorra

Besides, the responsibilities of notaries in Andorra are broader than activities performed by their counterparts in other countries. Andorran notaries manage, finance, and organize The Central Registry of Wills, and only they can issue certificates from this Register.

In Andorra, there is no public real estate registry, only the notary registry where the communal land registry and encumbrances are recorded.

Notaries in Andorra are also in charge of collecting and settling the taxes related to the notarial service: real estate capital gains tax, real estate investment, property sale tax, and corporate tax.