Andorra Literacy Rate

The literacy rate in Andorra remains unchanged. According to the latest data published by UNESCO, Andorra has a 100% literacy rate. If we compare the Principality with the rest of the countries, we see that Andorra is the country with the highest literacy rate that did not change in recent years.

Literacy rate in 2021

This entry includes a definition of literacy and Census Bureau literacy percentages for the total population, males and females. There are no universal definitions and literacy standards. Unless otherwise specified, all rates are based on the most common definition: the ability to read and write at a specific age. Literacy data, while not a perfect measure of educational outcomes, is probably the most readily available and valid for international comparisons. Low levels of literacy and education, in general, can hinder a country’s economic development in today’s ever-changing, technology-driven world.

Education System in Andorra

Official school ages by the level of education Pre-primary (3-5), Primary (6-11), Secondary (12-17 ), Tertiary (18-22). Compulsory education lasts 10 years from age 6 to age 16. For primary to post-secondary education, the academic year begins in September and ends in June.

Andorra boasts a multilingual structure, with three coexisting educational systems (Andorran, Spanish and French) within public education. The Spanish and French educational systems are governed by the standard norms of their country of origin, having established agreements with the Principality of Andorra in educational matters.