Jobs in Andorra

In this article, we explain how to find a job in Andorra. The principality of Andorra is a destination chosen by hundreds of people, not only for seasonal work. Andorra Partner aims to guide people looking for a job opportunity in Andorra. There are many options to work here, we want you to know all the possibilities of living and working in Andorra.


Live and Work in Andorra

To live or work in Andorra, the following procedures must be followed on a case-by-case basis:

These are the most common procedures to follow when looking for the best solution to live and work in Andorra. Bear in mind that the Andorra government website is in Catalan, same as are all legal documents of the country. Ask your employer to take care of this process, but the required certificates should be provided by you.

Work Permit in Andorra: Requirements

To work in Andorra as a foreign individual, consider below conditions that are indispensable to be hired by a company in Andorra. The most important are:

For more information on the steps and legal procedures to work in Andorra, visit the website of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

Languages in Andorra

Most jobs in Andorra require knowledge of Spanish, however, employees value also people speaking in French, English, German, Russian, and Catalan (the official language of Andorra, although not essential). If you are an EU citizen you will be asked to have at least one year of working experience in the position you are applying for, 2 years if you are outside the European Union.

Legal Documentation Required to Work in Andorra

The documentation needed to work in Andorra depends on the type of requested visa permit, but essentially you must have a valid passport. If you are a European citizen, either from the European Union or the EEA, you can present your National Identity Card or equivalent. What else is required?

After presenting all the documents, you will undergo a medical examination appointed by the Medical Immigration Service. Andorra Immigration office will grant the appointment for the test the day after the application is submitted. The result of the test determines whether the work or residence permit will be granted.

Take into account initial procedure costs are approximately €190.

Active residency in Andorra with a work permit

Andorra’s active residency work permit allows you to live and work or to register a company in Andorra. Foreigners must meet certain conditions to obtain a work permit and are subject to fulfill obligations. New residents are entitled to enjoy benefits such as health coverage, family reunification, or an unemployment service. Active residents are eligible for aid to take courses to learn Catalan, which is the official language of the country.

Andorran Sectors in Need of Workers

The best time to go to work in Andorra is the winter season, which begins in late November and ends in early April. The season can always be extended depending on snow conditions and public holidays. To find work in Andorra during the winter, start looking in mid or late September when hotels, restaurants, stores, and ski resorts begin to prepare for tourist’s arrival.

In the winter season, you have several options to work in Andorra, here are the main positions:

Ski resorts in Andorra

To look for a job in Andorra, it is best to go directly to the two main hotel/ski resorts: Grandvalira and Vallnord.

Both resorts usually come with cheap accommodation for their workers and you will also have free ski passes for skiing or snowboarding in your free time.

Hotels in Andorra

Hotels are another great option to work during the winter in Andorra. One of the main advantages of working in a hotel is free accommodation options for their workers. To send your application to work in hotels, leave your resume at reception directly or through the internet.

Main hotel chains and associations in Andorra:

Retail and leisure centers in Andorra

Another option to work in Andorra is to find a job in one of the 1,600 retail stores in the country, apart from the ski resorts. The following profiles are highly sought-after: store managers, promoters, sales assistants, sales clerks, commercial drivers, shopping technicians, and others.

Wellness tourism

Andorra receives a large number of visitors attracted by wellness services in the area of beauty and health. The Caldea Thermoludic Center is famous, one of the largest and most visited in Southern Europe. Besides, there are many hotels, spas, and specialized centers offering health and beauty treatments. Professionals, such as masseurs, receptionists, personal trainers, maintenance technicians, and Spa Managers are in great demand.


Andorra is in the center of interest of many businessmen, as a place to hold business meetings or other activities. For this reason, you can apply for a job as an event manager, account manager, hostess, barista, assembly assistant, and others.

Where to Find a Job in Andorra?

To get a job in Andorra, visit job portals, which allow you to find a great diversity of opportunities that match your experience and the profession. The following are the largest web portals available:

Another way to find work in Andorra is through the press, where you can find out about a great number of job opportunities. There are several physical newspapers, however, you can always resort to the online version:

Salary in Andorra

Typical salaries in Andorra for temporary workers are between €1.000 and €1.300 per month (minimum salary in Andorra for 40 hours working week is slightly above €1.000). Should your work in a hotel or restaurant, meals are usually included.

In restaurants, you can also get some extras from tips. Working at the reception of hotels also brings good commissions. You get paid more in the mountain villages than in the city. Accommodation is one of the most difficult things to find in Andorra, especially if you arrive with the season already started. If your employee offers accommodation, it is a great benefit!

Working conditions

In Andorra, working conditions regarding working hours and vacations are as follows:

Income tax in Andorra

Andorra income tax (IRPF) generally varies according to the gross annual salary but never exceeds 10%. Foreign individuals working in the Principality must pay IRPF in the following cases:

With a salary of less than €24.000 per year, the individual is not required to submit information to the Andorran tax administration (0% income tax).

Benefits of living and working in Andorra

Living and working in Andorra comes with many advantages, among which we can mention:

Quality of life in Andorra

Andorra offers inhabitants, natives, and foreigners, high quality of life. Andorra’s GDP of over €36,000 per capita per year keeps the country’s infrastructure in optimal conditions. Besides that pay attention to:

Although there are plenty of job opportunities in Andorra, keep in mind that vacancies differ from typical offers in Paris, Barcelona, or Madrid. However, if what you want is to live in a country with a peaceful lifestyle, decent salaries, and plenty of nature, Andorra is recommended option.

Jobs in Andorra for Foreigners: FAQ

Is there work in Andorra?

Is it possible to find a job in Andorra? Of course, there are jobs available in Andorra, but keep in mind that because the country is so small and tourism-focused, most of those opportunities will be for professional positions.

Can foreigners live in Andorra?

It's quite difficult to get a job in Andorra if you're not an EU citizen. However, there are special work permits that can be acquired through the Official Immigration Department. The process can take weeks or months so keep in mind this process is similar to obtaining residency permits. There is also only a quota of residence permits per year so make sure it doesn't expire before getting the opportunity for one!

How much money would you need to live in Andorra?

Andorra's cost of living is surprisingly inexpensive. A family of four needs around €2500 per month without rent. Living alone only costs €780 on average which means it's 10% cheaper than living in America!

Is Andorra a good place to live?

Andorra is an interesting country. From the mountain views out almost every window to the favorable tax system, Principality has many distinctive characteristics. But not everyone will be well suited for life in this unusual land of adventure and excitement! Moving countries can have huge consequences so would only recommend it if you're sure that they are right for you. Do your own research before making such a big decision.