Internet in Andorra

What is the Internet connection in Andorra? Principality became a technological revolution pioneer during the digital transformation. Andorra Telecom is the only Internet, fixed telephony, mobile telephony, television operator in Andorra, constituting a monopoly in the telecommunications sector in the principality. Andorra Telecom is a public company owned by the Government of Andorra.

Andorra Telecom is in charge of Andorra’s digital terrestrial television broadcasting technical infrastructures, responsible for carrying both national television channels and some Spanish and French DTT channels throughout the territory. The company also has an agreement with the Spanish Telefónica to offer in Andorra Movistar+ platform. Symmetrical fiber optic cables are reaching all homes in the territory regardless of their location, leaving the whole country properly wired.


Fiber Optic Internet in Andorra

Andorra had 300 Mbps symmetrical fiber Internet access already in 2017, and 700 Mbps download/upload connection in 2018. Now, Andorra Telecom offers up to 1GB symmetrical Internet for businesses and commercial premises at €69 per month. For professional digital nomads, such as YouTubers, streamers, brokers, traders, or financial agents, a stable and fast internet connection is a great advantage.

Andorra Telecom Tariffs

If you are going to create a company in Andorra and open business premises, opt for high capacity Internet, with up to 1 Gbps symmetrical speed. Many projects related to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin already decided to migrate to Andorra, attracted by the powerful Internet network architecture.

Fixed Telephony, Mobile Plans, and Television

Internet as an essential and universal service is not limited to fiber optics but extends to the rest of the basic telecommunications lines. Fixed and mobile telephony services also operate through the Andorran fiber-optic network with great efficiency. 4G coverage for mobile phones has been achieved in 98% of the entire territory. You can go hiking or get lost in the Andorran Pyrenees and still be connected, as the 4G connection is absolute.

Mobile plans are offered in prepaid and contract variants. Prepaid cards are used and recommended for tourists or visitors to the Principality. There is no roaming in Andorra by default.

Contract cards are recommended for Andorra residents. Prepaid cards are expensive in the long run, especially for international calls. Customize the tariff, starting from the XXS basic plan to the XXL with everything included.

The company’s own television is also broadcast via fiber optics, distributing a total of 174 channels. Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is free and includes the Spanish DTT channels (such as Antena 3, La Sexta, Cuatro, Telecinco, La 1, La 2, Teledeporte, etc) and French (ARTE, France 2, France 3, TV5Monde, C8, etc.), international channels (BBC, Euronews, CNN, etc), the Andorran national television (ATV) and local channels such as TV3, Esport3, 3/24, and some others. HD channels are not provided free of charge.

Nevertheless, Andorra Telecom offers a wide variety of TV packages. The package called “Mini”, for example, includes all the basic Spanish, French and Andorran channels. You also have access to the entire Movistar offer exclusively, all the packages: from Movistar+ Selección to Movistar+ Total Plus.

Free WiFi Internet for Tourists

Andorra Telecom with collaborations and agreements with Huawei created a free WiFi network that covers the commercial and common areas of the country, including ski resorts, streets of the main towns in Andorra, public buildings, and shopping centers. Many other private premises (restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, pubs, stores, etc) have WiFi and private internet connection secured with passwords.

Remember that Free WiFi hotspots are not secure. Do not send sensitive data over these networks such as personal data, passwords, ID numbers, credit cards, bank details, etc. Public and open networks are extremely easy to trace data. Use the best VPN in Andorra to avoid data leakage and find your way around.