Inheritance Tax Law in Andorra

Inheritance and succession law in Andorra applies to spouses and relatives, depending on the situations related to inheritances. In Andorra, there is no tax on assets obtained by inheritance without prejudice to the taxation at the source for assets located outside Andorra.


Andorran Succession Law

If you obtained Andorra residency in the Principality, the inheritance is tax-free! This is one of the many tax advantages offered by Andorra. The Personal Income Tax law explicitly states that the following income is not subject to the tax and is excluded from the scope of application:

Writing a will when residing in Andorra

When one has expatriate status in Andorra, two types of wills are available:

How does inheritance work with the absence of testament?

A special provision on assets obtained by family donation is included in the Andorran law. Reserved property law applies in case of the absence of a will or inheritance contract. Assets should be reverted to the family from which they came in.

The importance of leaving a will

Most people leave this world without a will to protect their family or loved ones, either out of carelessness or ignorance. Not making a will is great irresponsibility. For all your loved ones to receive their share of the legacy, it is essential to make a will. This is a simple procedure that can be done by anyone over 14 years of age in full use of their faculties.

The only thing you need is your identity document and a notary to draw up your last will in writing. The figure of the notary in this whole process is fundamental. Finally, making a will is a procedure that does not cost more than €100.

Protect your family and make sure that the assets you have achieved can be enjoyed by the people you love the most.

Inheritance Lawyer in Andorra

Should you have any questions about inheritance and succession, please contact the Andorra Partner inheritance solicitor. Succession specialist will take care of preparing and managing all types of inheritances, including: