Andorra Coronavirus (COVID-19 Updates)

To continue to protect the population of Andorra and preserve the health of visitors from Coronavirus COVID-19, Andorra activated a weekly screening campaign for 40% of the population. Tests will be carried out on personnel working in the areas of catering, commerce, hotels, restaurants, and tourist services. This guarantees high control and free of viruses establishments, at the same time, minimizes contagion among the population as much as possible.

All measures applied are subject to revision according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation and may not be updated at the time you see this information.


Can I Travel to Andorra? Is the Border Closed?

The Andorran, Spanish and French authorities have not taken any measures to close the country’s borders. Therefore, the Government of Andorra does not currently apply any restrictions on access to the country, nor on the movement of persons and vehicles through its territory. Check live webcams to evaluate the current situation on the Andorran borders.


Before traveling, find out about the restrictions in force in your autonomous community during the dates you plan to travel. Click here for updated information for each Catalan region. Remember that you can travel for authorized reasons.

Regarding Catalonia, from February 8, 2021, the Catalan authorities have decreed a regional restriction from Monday to Sunday. Likewise, Andorra and Alt Urgell are considered as a single county for mobility purposes; therefore, residents of Alt Urgell will be able to move freely to Andorra and also those of Andorra to Alt Urgell, without restrictions. Except for the night curfew which remains at 22:00 hours.


Before traveling, find out about the restrictions in force in France during the dates you plan to travel. Visit this page for updated information. Entry into France from any European country (European Union, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, and the Vatican) requires to present a negative result of a PCR or TMA test of fewer than 72 hours, for all persons over 11 years old. Besides, you must fill in a declaration for individuals over and under 11 years old.

The following are exempt from this obligation: road hauliers, cross-border workers, and residents within a radius of 30 km around the border.

Hygiene Protocols And Sanitary Measures In Andorra

Visit the below websites to check the epidemiological situation in the Principality, the evolution of COVID-19 in real-time, and the protocols that apply to travel safely.

COVID-19 Pandemic in Andorra: FAQ

I am Passing Through Andorra, Can I Request a Test for COVID-19?

Any visitor or tourist arriving in the Principality of Andorra and needs to present a TMA diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 infection. To travel to other destinations outside Andorra, you can request a COVID-19 test at the Andorran Healthcare Service (SAAS), regardless of nationality and place of residence.

The price of this service is €40 (IGI included). The applicant will receive the test result together with a full report within 24 hours via e-mail. To request this test, please call at (+376) 821 955 and book an appointment.

Other private laboratories in the country offer PCR diagnostic tests. The result will be delivered within 24 hours. The cost is between €100-€150.

What Documents Do I Need To Present To Enter Andorra?

To access Andorra, you only need a valid ID card or passport. Additionally, visitors who reside in Spain and wish to reach Andorra through Catalonia can do so as long as the Autonomous Community from which they come is not in a situation of confinement.

Visitors must provide documentary proof of the Autonomous Community of origin from which they are traveling at the time of their journey. Likewise, when returning to their country through the Spanish border, visitors must justify their final destination and, if applicable, the reason for the trip to Andorra.

All other tourists in transit through Spain and France who wish to enter Andorra may do so as long as they present an ID card or passport, as well as documentary proof of their stay in Andorra.

Do I Have To Show Any Medical Documentation To Enter Andorra?

Since December 9, the Government of Andorra has decreed that all tourists staying 3 or more nights in the country and who are older than 6 years old will be required to present a diagnostic test (PCR or TMA) with negative results. This test must have been performed no more than 72 hours before arrival in Andorra. Likewise, admission to tourist accommodation will also be linked to the presentation of the result of this test.

The accrediting document must be the original, can be written in Catalan, Spanish, French or English and can be presented in paper or electronic format. The document must contain at least the following information: name of the tourist, passport or identity card number (which must coincide with the number used in the travel documents), date of the test, identification and contact details of the center performing the analysis, the technique used and the negative result of the test.

All visitors residing in French, Spanish and Portuguese territories are exempt from presenting it, given the existing health agreements between the respective countries. In the same way, tourists coming from countries considered as “green zone”, that is to say, those who have in their territory a ratio of tests per population higher than 5000 tests per 100 000 inhabitants per week or a positivity lower than 9 %, will also be exempted.

For residents from Spain, France, and Portugal, we recommend applying for a travel document from Social Security in your country. For people of other nationalities, we recommend taking private travel insurance that can provide coverage in the event of COVID-19 or other possible incidents during their stay in Andorra.

Do I Have To Pass Any Sanitary Control When Arriving In Andorra?

It will not be necessary. You just have to keep in mind that it is necessary to maintain the hygiene and safety measures recommended by the health authorities.

Is It Mandatory To Wear A Mask?

Once you have entered Andorra, the use of a mask is mandatory on public roads or in open spaces, although you can keep a safe distance of one and a half meters.

In enclosed spaces for public use, the use of the mask is mandatory, as in the case of bars, restaurants, stores, and cultural establishments, among others.

The use of face masks is mandatory for all persons aged eight years or older, although it is recommended for persons aged six years or older.

Are There Any Limitations To Move Around Andorra By Car, Bicycle, Or On Foot?

No, there are none. There is an interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 meters. For your information, in open spaces, you must maintain a distance of 4 meters if you move on foot, 10 meters if you are going to run, and 20 meters if you use a bicycle.

The use of a face mask is mandatory in vehicles if you are accompanied by people who do not live with you and, if you are riding a motorcycle, as long as you are not wearing a full-face helmet with a visor.

Am I Obliged To Pass A Quarantine When Entering Andorra?

All those who travel to Andorra are exempt from passing a quarantine period upon arrival in the country.

If We Travel With Pets, Do They Have To Pass Any Sanitary Control?

No. Pets do not have to pass any sanitary control. You only have to carry their health passport, as usual.

If I Use Internal Public Transportation, What Safety Measures Must I Comply With?

It is mandatory to wear a mask. Currently, the internal capacity of the buses is 50% of their capacity. You can pay in cash or by card, or you can buy a pass.

If I Travel By Taxi, What Protocols Should I Follow?

If you are members of the same family unit, you can travel together, as long as you leave the passenger seat free. It is recommended to pay by credit card.

What Protocols Should I Follow When Entering A Store?

Each establishment will follow specific regulations to ensure the safety and hygiene of shoppers. The use of a face mask is mandatory and the establishment will provide you with other safety and hygiene measures, such as gloves or hydroalcoholic gel. Also, each establishment may incorporate additional measures or restrict capacity.

What Is The Protocol For Restaurants?

Services and attention in restaurants are restricted until further notice, with the following measures:

When Do Andorra’s Ski Resorts Open?

On January 2, 2021, Andorra’s ski resorts partially opened their facilities for residents of the country. Depending on the epidemiological evolution of our country and neighboring states, it is expected to be able to extend the opening for all our visitors, until April 11, 2021.

However, Grandvalira, Vallnord, and Naturlandia offer alternative snow activities to skiing and the use of ski lifts during the weekends. You can also enjoy the snow and nature with the mountain guides and active tourism companies that propose outings with snowshoes, skimo, and much more.