Angel Investors Andorra

An innovative idea or a new business in Andorra needs to grow to expand its operations with adequate financing. Private investors or angel investors in Andorra can become a fundamental part of the development of the business project.

Who are the Angel Investors?

Normally, lacking sufficient experience and tangible assets to guarantee them, banks are usually not a viable option to obtain funds. This is when the investor becomes important. A private individual is willing to contribute not only knowledge, experience, contacts, and strategic advice to the company, but also the necessary capital. Private investors are known as angel investors or business angels.

The size of the companies in which business angels invest is usually small or medium-sized, typical start-ups. This type of investment is characterized by being a high-risk operation with very high profitability. Investors are committed to the project and agree to maintain the capital provided for 5 to 10 years, pending positive results. Angel investors usually invest simultaneously in several companies in the hope that one or more of them will become successful.

Excellent tax rates offered by Andorra are definitely an important incentive for investors seeking the guarantee of operating from a country with economic and political security.

Business Angel Investors in Andorra

Angel investors in Andorra are usually people with significant wealth, experience in business management, the capacity to assume risk, and the time to support the project. Private investor intention is not just to be a capitalist partner waiting for results, but to get involved by contributing knowledge so that the company moves forward. Business angels are more likely to support innovative projects related to technology.

If a company arouses the interest of a business angel, they are likely on the right track. Shortcomings in management, strategy, contacts, and money are impediments to growth but that the investor can provide.

Andorra Partner has access to a network of business angels in Andorra to help start-ups that have decided to invest in Andorra. Contact us for more information.