Andorra Passport

The Andorran passport is a public, individual and non-transferable document that accredits the identity and Andorran nationality of the holder. What are the requirements to obtain an Andorran passport?

First of all, Andorra citizens are not required to apply for residency in Andorra. However, many new residents wonder what are the conditions to acquire the Andorran nationality in a definitive way. Below, we present all the legal ways to obtain a passport from Andorra.


Andorra passport requirements

Passive residence and self-employment permits do not grant the right to Andorran nationality. It is essential to comply with a series of requirements that encompass a fairly extensive process implying the waiver of the current nationality or nationalities of the applicant.

Do you want to know how to obtain Andorran nationality? The Immigration Office of the Principality of Andorra grants a provisional passport to all applicants who meet the initial requirements. From then on, the person applying for Andorran nationality has 5 years to pass an exam of Catalan language, history, and geography of Andorra. Besides, an individual is required to renounce his / her original nationality. There is no possibility to have dual citizenship.

Andorra passport for individuals of legal age

Andorra passport for minors

Andorra passport by investment

There is no direct program to obtain a passport by investment in Andorra. The only possible way to apply for citizenship and a passport requires at least 10 years of permanent residency in Andorra (confirmed compulsory education in Andorran school) or living with an active or passive residency visa in Andorra for at least 20 years.

Types of tax residency in Andorra

One of the requirements to obtain an Andorran passport is to reside in Andorra for at least 10 years without interruption. In this sense, there are two types of Andorra tax residency:

New Andorran biometric passport

Since February 2017, Andorra has been issuing the third generation biometric passport. Incorporated chip and laser prints are part of data that can only be read with electronic devices.

In accordance with the latest international security measures, new passports will contain laser and color engraving on a polycarbonate base on the page where personal data and photography are incorporated. The same page is equipped with a chip divided into two areas, one for visual inspection and one for automatic reading. Different printing techniques allow playing with an interweaving of lines, colors, watermarks that constitute a guarantee against the falsification.

According to the renowned Henley Passport Index, Andorran passport is placed in 21st place and grants access to 167 countries (visa-free access).

Passport fees

How much your passport costs depends on how you apply for it.