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Does Andorra have an airport? How to travel to Andorra by plane? We solve your doubts by presenting options to get to the Principality of Andorra from the nearest airports. In fact, Andorra has no national airport due to its geography and high location in the Pyrenees mountains.

In 2021 Andorra’s CCIS presented development studies for an international airport project in the Valira d’Orient, built at an altitude of 2000 meters.


Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell Airport

La Seu d’Urgell Airport, commercially named Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell Airport (code IATA: LEU, ICAO code: LESU), is the closest airport to Andorra, owned by the Generalitat de Catalunya that hosts general aviation flights. Since January 8, 2015, can receive commercial flights. Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell Airport is located in the Alt Urgell region, south of La Seu d’Urgell in the Serrat d’Ensiula, between the municipalities of Montferrer and Castellbò and Ribera d’Urgellet, 12 km from the Spanish-Andorran border.

Infrastructure is placed 800 meters above sea level, just a 20-minute drive from Andorra’s southern border. LESU airport currently hosts a helicopter repair company, serves private flights and pilot training.

Current facilities reopened on June 4, 2010, to boost tourism and economic development in the counties of the High Pyrenees. The refurbishment of the airport cost 2.9 million euros and began in October 2009. The airport did not host regular commercial flights since 1984 and was only used by private aircraft and aeroclubs. The recovery will allow the airport, to link the Catalan Pyrenees and Andorra with other parts of Catalonia, Spain, and Europe.

The master plan facilitates access to air transport to any other airport of European regional scope. A study carried out in 2008 defined potential as a commercial airport. In the summer of 2012, the Generalitat de Catalunya announced that the aerodrome will move to a commercial airport, having the same category as the Lleida-Alguaire airport, in the summer of 2013. In February, the procedures at the Ministry began to enable a border inspection post for flights from outside the Schengen Area.

Some sectors of the region were opposed to the reopening, such as the Association in defense of Alt Urgell which argues that it is harmful because it is too close to towns such as Adrall, Arfa (Ribera d’Urgellet), and Montferrer (Montferrer and Castellbò). The proposed name of Andorra-Pyrenees or Pyrenees-Andorra also provoked rejection.

Andorra Airport services

Parking: free
Restaurant: Reservations phone 0034 632713185
Wi-Fi: free throughout the airport
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Andorra Airport Flights

The airport had a few commercial routes a few years ago. After the relaunch of Andorra Airlines operation in May 2021, new connections from Andorra – La Seu are available to Madrid, Porto, and Palma de Mallorca.

The largest aircraft that has operated at this airport has been an ATR 72-600 with a maximum of 78 passengers. The 1450-meter runway and the weather conditions in that area are not favorable for the aircraft used by most airlines.

Runway extension of 200 meters more is necessary for aircraft with more than 100 passengers, such as the Airbus A220 or A320. In April 2020, after thorough tests, the Spanish government gave the authorization to operate flights with the GPS. The new GPS navigation installed and certified at Andorra-La Seu airport opens up a range of possibilities that the Andorran government wants to take advantage of, including Andorra Aviation Academy with an airline pilot training program.

Management and Operation

Aeroports de Catalunya is the company of the Generalitat de Catalunya in charge of the management and operation of the airport.

In December 2014, the Generalitat authorized the signing of an agreement with the Government of Andorra on the co-management of the airport, including the promotion. This agreement was signed on January 8, 2015, as a “Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Andorra and the Generalitat de Catalunya regarding the co-management and promotion of Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell Airport”. The Andorran government collaborates with 50% of the operating deficit (with a maximum of 300,000 euros per year) and with another variable contribution depending on the passengers.

Also, the Government of Andorra has spaces inside and outside the terminal building with the option of marketing them. The promotion and research of air operators are done jointly. According to the aforementioned Protocol, the management company (Aeroports de Catalunya) draws up a biannual work plan that must be approved by the Joint Commission, composed of 6 members, 3 appointed by each party, and is chaired on an annual basis. for each of the two parts. This Joint Commission has the function of ensuring the correct management and promotion of the infrastructure, agreeing on the conditions of availability of the infrastructure, and approving the biannual work plan. The promotion of Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell Airport is a part of Andorra Horitzó 23, action plan for COVID-19 economic recovery.

Technical characteristics

Due to the length of the runway, the largest aircraft that can operate at this airport are the ATR 42, the ATR 72, the De Havilland Canada, the British Aerospace 146, and the airbus A-220-100 (aircraft which can only carry 100 passengers). Although the Airbus 320 or Boeing 737 could be operated with weight restrictions, the runway width should be extended.

Andorra Airport Access

Access to Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell Airport:

Contact Details

Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell Airport
25711 Montferrer (Lleida)
Phone: +34 973 355 324
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Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell Airport History

Closest airports to Andorra in France and Spain

There are also possibilities to travel to the nearest airports within a radius of 200 kilometers from Andorra.

Nearest airports to Andorra in France

Nearest airports to Andorra in Spain

From these airports, some buses travel directly to Andorra. The bus via Barcelona Airport from Barcelona (BCN) to Andorra la Vella takes 3h 30m, similar to Toulouse – Andorra journey.

Other Options to Get to Andorra

If you can’t get to Andorra by plane, there are also options to go by bus, rental car or your own car. Click here to read more about bus companies, schedules, and fares to Andorra from Spain, France, and Portugal.

New Andorra Airport Project

The Andorran government wanted to build an airport within Principality borders since the 1980s. But orography has always played against it. Andorra does not have enough flat land for an airport and the little there is, has been occupied by citizens and the main roads: CG-1 and CG-2. However, there is currently a project understudy for an airport at Grau Roig, in the west of the country.

In March 2021, The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIS) has completed the technical feasibility studies of an airport in the Envalira peaks area. According to the current proposal, the airport would be located in the valley of the river Valira d’Orient with a runway 1,800 meters long, 45 meters wide and a safety zone replanted with native vegetation. The proposed cost of infrastructure would be about 345 million euros.

The project also includes the terminal, covered parking, and other services. To carry out the first two technical studies, the feasibility of flight procedures and the infrastructure, the Chamber has had the advice from NAVBLUE (AIRBUS Group) and CGX, experts in international aviation and construction of airports around the world. Documents have been transferred to the Government, which will also be responsible for carrying out a series of phases to assess the approval of the infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and economic viability.

The Chamber of Commerce continues to focus on the need for the country to have an airport as a tool to unlock the country. According to CCIS, Andorran airport will provide maximum economic competitiveness and will be a turning point to make a change in the financial model with diversification concerning the traditional economic pillars that support Andorra GDP.

As part of the plan, CCIS continues to work also to drive the train project. There are talks with neighboring institutions to assess the possibilities of train connection with France and Spain and the rest of Europe.

Andorra International Airport: FAQ

Does Andorra have an airport?

Andorra la Vella has no international airport of its own. You'll need to fly into Barcelona, Girona, Perpignan, or Toulouse and then make the 2,5-hour drive over the Pyrenees Mountains into Spain's only city-state. Lleida is three hours away by road but it does offer a smaller alternative for those who don't fancy driving on narrow mountain roads.

Can you fly direct to Andorra?

There are no flights that can take someone directly into Andorra. Fortunately, there is a way around this turn-off: one could fly to Barcelona, Girona, Toulouse, Lleida, or Perpignan and then just cross over the border by car or bus!

Where do you fly to for skiing in Andorra?

One of the best things about Andorra is that there are plenty of nearby airports to fly into. For those in Spain, you can choose between Barcelona Airport (BCN) and Girona Airport (GRO). For people who live further north or want a different airport altogether then it's easy enough to get flights from and Toulouse Airport (TLS), Carcassonne Airport (CCF) as well as many others all over France.