Things to do in Andorra

Andorra is a small country, nestled in a unique location in the heart of the Pyrenees, a paradise for mountain lovers. That is why we have compiled a list of 20 things to do in Andorra with activities for people who are eager to get to know the Principality.


1. Visit Andorra la Vella

What to do in Andorra la Vella (Andorra la Vieja), the capital of the country? There are many unusual attractions in this small city, where you can reach anywhere on foot. Among the most representative places are Meritxel Avenue, the Casa de la Vall, the Church of Santa Coloma, or the Margineda Bridge, the largest medieval bridge in Andorra.

You can not miss La Noblesse du Temps, a sculpture by Dalí that was installed in 2010 and today is a symbol of the city.

2. Shopping in Meritxell Avenue

If yo you are not a fan of shopping at least stroll along the most important avenue in the whole country. Avinguda de Meritxell is located in the capital, Andorra la Vella, and is the busiest street in Andorra, as well as belonging to the royal road and the traditional road linking the valleys of Andorra.

In winter, when everyone leaves skis until the next day, the street is super lively.

3. Get to Know the Romanesque Art

The Romanesque art of Andorra is the most representative art of the country. There are remains of this art in the form of churches and bridges, mainly.

The most important churches are: San Martín de la Cortinada, in Ordino; San Miguel de Engolasters in Escaldes-Engordany; San Sermín de Nagol in San Julián de Loria and Santa Coloma in Andorra la Vella. As for the bridges, the Margineda bridge in the capital or the Sant Antoni de la Grella bridge in La Massana stand out.

In the village of Les Escaldes, you can find the Museum of Romanesque Art Models, with a collection of 30 models of the most important Romanesque buildings in Andorra.

4. Strolling Through Ordino and Canillo

Two of the most beautiful villages in Andorra. With its stone houses and streets and the mountains in the background are, without a doubt, two small villages worth walking and getting lost in its streets.

In Canillo do not miss Roc del Quer viewpoint, with a glass floor and views over the valley. In Ordino highlights the Church of La Cortinada.

5. The Sanctuary of Meritxell

This is an old Romanesque church that houses the Virgin of Meritxel, patron of Andorra. The building, after suffering a fire, was completely restored by the architect Ricardo Bofill. The result is an eclectic mix that integrates with the landscape and from where you can enjoy the nature that surrounds the sanctuary.

6. Try Andorran Beer

The only beer that is truly Andorran is Alpha beer. You can also visit the brewery, La Cortinada. The brewery offers tastings and guided tours. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm to 11 pm.

7. Visit the Casa del Vall

Casa del Vall, the parliamentary seat is located In Andorra la Vella. It is a building from 1580 that preserves in its interior several murals of the seventeenth century and is one of the most emblematic buildings of the capital.

Its exterior appearance is reminiscent of a small fortress and is of a style very typical of the mountains.

8. Go to Os de Civis

We have to include Os de Civis in this list although it is not Andorra as such. Os de Civis village belongs to Spain although is only accessible from Andorra, as is surrounded by the country.

Os de Civis is a very beautiful hamlet nestled in the valley that is definitely worth a visit.

9. Visit the Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum

The only aristocratic family of Andorra left this manor house that today has become a museum. Casa d’Areny-Plandolit reveals the life of one of the most influential families of the country during the eighteenth century.

10. Relax in Caldea

Caldea is the largest thermal center in Europe. The area is surrounded by thermal waters that have proliferated the spas. That is why one of the best plans is to reserve some time to relax in the thermal waters of Caldea.

11. Visit the Tobacco Museum

Andorra was known for tobacco plantations, nowadays reduced by international legislation. In the town of Sant Juliá de Loria, you will find Tobacco Museum, where you can learn about the tobacco manufacturing process.

The interactive system of the museum makes the visit very entertaining.

12. Skiing in GrandValira

Another thing to do in Andorra is skiing. If you like skiing, Andorra is a paradise with kilometers of slopes of all colors to enjoy. Andorra has good quality snow due to the north orientation of the mountains.

The Grand Valira resort is the biggest in the country. But if you are not a skier you can do a snowshoeing tour in GrandValira.

13. Driving Go-Karts on Ice

If you had never seen go-karting on ice, that can tell you a lot about the passion of the Andorrans. One of those experiences that you can’t try anywhere else in the world.

14. Route to the Lakes of Tristaina

This is a high mountain route of just over 4 kilometers and little slope so it is easy to walk. It is a circular route that can be completed in 2 hours and a half to 3 hours, more or less.

The trail starts at the ski resort Ordino Arcalís and will allow us to see high mountain lakes. In summer you can even swim.

15. Visit Comapedrosa, the Highest Mountain of Andorra

With almost 3,000 meters in height, Comapedrosa is the highest point in the country. For the more adventurous individuals, it is possible to make the route of about 14 kilometers to reach the top.

Although it is not a very steep route, we advise you to do it if you are well equipped and have experience in full-day routes in the high mountains.

16. Vall d’Inches

This is a U-shaped valley that starts next to El Tarter. In this valley, you can visit two beautiful lakes: the lake of Juclar, the largest in the country, and the lake of Cabana Sorda.

17. Route of the Lakes of Pessons

In 4 hours you can do this route, quite affordable, with crystal clear high mountain lakes on the way. The starting point is at the ski resort of Grau Roig.

18. Visit the Engolasters Lake

The most accessible lake of all in Andorra. That is a good option if you want to go with your children. The easy route is less than 2 kilometers long and starts next to the Automobile Museum.

19. Electricity Museum

Located on the first floor of the building of the FEDA hydroelectric plant. Today, the power station is still the main source of electrical energy production in Andorra, due to the working generators.

Undoubtedly, a most interesting visit to discover what is electric energy and the historical evolution of electricity production in Andorra.

20. Hiking the Ruta del Ferro (Iron Route)

This is a hiking route that runs through different points at the time when Andorra had an important mining industry. Learn a little more about the iron and steel culture in Andorra. On the route, you can find sculptures done by different artists from all over the world.

If you still have doubts about what to do in Andorra you can always visit the official tourism website of the country. There are plenty of options to enjoy Andorra in summer and winter. Choose activities you like the most!

Practical information

The official currency in Andorra is Euro. Residents speak in Catalan, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

How to Get to Andorra?

To get to Andorra there are only two roads (and there is no airport), from Spain you arrive by the N45 and from France by the N22.